Where Did All The Bloggers Go?

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Ikeep backups of all kinds of files and folders from different computers and laptops I have owned over the years. At the weekend, I found a folder containing the favourites from an old copy of Internet Explorer. Amongst the list of sites I used to frequent was a collection of blogs I used to read. It’s Sunday and I had time on my hands so I thought I would have a look at some of these sites and see how people who used to share their lives with me were getting on these days.

Jammy Toast For Dummies

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We always thought that Jammy Toast and the whole WordPress blogging platform – which Jammy Toast runs on – was pretty easy to use. You just read the posts, leave a comment, if you desire, and that was all she wrote. However, we hadn’t allowed for The Chimpton who finds the whole concept of replying to a comment just too much for her tiny pea-head to comprehend. With this in mind we thought we had better come up with a Jammy Toast for Dummies. I am sure you have seen the books in the shops where they try and explain to the mentally retarded how simple things work and hope that they pick it up. So here is the Special Chimpton Edition of Jammy Toast for Dummies

Razzi Writes #40

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Hello everyone, this is Erasmus ‘Razzi’ Bear Esq here and I thought because we have just started a brand new Jammy Toast then we should also re-start an old feature – My Column. That means from time to time, or when The Bearkeeper can’t think of anything better to write, I will write something to try to keep you all entertained. I am not quite sure what I am going to write about yet but I thought I would get the ball rolling today.

And God Said Let There Be… Blogging

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We did mention on the old Jammy Toast how we started blogging but for those who were wondering or those of you who are new to Jammy Toast you may be lost. So today, I thought we might explain the importance of socks on your head. In the summer of 2006, Ananasty – an old friend of the bears – used to go out gallivanting on Sunday afternoons. I would pick her up and we would go and play golf or go bowling or some adventure or other. Occasionally we might go to the cinema and watch a film, which if it was boring usually ended in us having a “sock fight” or some other interesting pastime.