Razzi’s New Year’s Address

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Isat down on Christmas Day at 3pm to listen to the Queen’s Christmas Address. It was very interesting and thought provoking speech – as it always is – but it seems to have given raise to some controversy. Mostly because she gave the speech sitting in front of a gold piano which is probably worth millions. She also had a big fat Montblanc fountain pen on the desk in front of her which, I think, is worth about £5,000. I haven’t got a Montblanc – I have to put up with my old Parker – or a gold piano but I thought I would give The Razzi Bear Annual Address. Here goes…

Banksy On Brexit

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Jammy Toast’s friend Banksy has finely shown everyone his thoughts on Brexit. His latest work shows a workman removing a star from the EU flag and is situated near Dover’s ferry terminal. The mysterious artist is known for his political pieces. His latest comes as the UK heads towards a general election and prepares to leave the EU. While some discredit the work as being “too obvious” others focussed on the subtle cracks, not the chiselling. Here at Jammy Toast we just love it!

The Battle For Our Jam Begins

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We have been a little concerned here at Jammy Toast as the day of Brexit looms. Today is the day Theresa May delivered the letter that formally begins the UK’s departure from the European Union. Giving official notice under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, it was delivered to European Council president Donald Tusk earlier today. However, what we are concerned about here at Jammy Toast is, where will we get our jammy fruits from once we have left? Trade with Europe will be more difficult and trade is likely to be more expensive once we have left. However, most of the fruit used in the production of our favourite Jams comes from Europe. We may have to pay much higher prices for our Jammy Toast!