Easter: The Facts

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It is the time of the year when the bears turn to Cadbury’s to provide them with a crème egg to celebrate Easter. Many more people will turn to chocolate eggs and bunny rabbits as the Christian world celebrates. While many will be at least vaguely familiar with the story of Easter, its relation to eating mountains of oval-shaped chocolate treats is less clear. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus after his crucifixion – Christians believe Jesus was crucified on Good Friday and rose again three days later. The Mesopotamians – an ancient Christian community living in an area roughly covered today by Iraq, Syria and Kuwait – used to stain eggs red to symbolise the blood of Christ. Eggs would then be cracked open against one another, leaving just empty shells; a symbol of the empty tomb Jesus left behind. The tradition survives today in the shape of egg rolling, representing the rolling away of the rock from Jesus’ tomb.