Is Coffee Really Bad For Us?

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Here at Jammy Toast we have been reading for years how coffee is bad for us. However, if we want a hot drink to wash our Jammy Toast down with then coffee is one of the foremost choices on offer. What do you drink in the morning? Tea, coffee or perhaps you go for a nice refreshing drink of orange or grapefruit perhaps. Well, believe it or not, in this country we drink an estimated seventy million cups of coffee per day – but, the big question is – is this a good thing for us or is this bad for our health?

Award Winning Design Team

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We don’t do anything here at Jammy Toast for recognition; we do it because we like to save unwanted and unloved teddy bears. Likewise, Edward does not design our website to gain any form of fame or fortune, he does it so that we can highlight our work here at Jammy Toast and so we can all have a laugh on the site and communicate with each other. However, any form of recognition is always nice, so today we would like to congratulate Edward for winning a design award. Edward’s design using the Caffeine theme has been featured as an example of what can be accomplished using Caffeine by the Muffin Group – Caffeine’s creators.

We’re Back

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water – along comes Jammy Toast. Yes, we pesky Renault Bears from Jammy Toast are back online again after our “Edward inspired” re-design. Edward has done us all proud working around the clock to get everything back up and running on time. He has not only installed a new theme but has completely rebuilt our MySQL database to speed up its operation and clean out a lot of the chaff from the last five plus years. He must be a very tired bear but he has proven once and for all that he is indeed, smarter than the average bear.