Sunday Funnies #10

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Hiyaa Itss 12 o’clokk && Tymme 4 Daa Sundee Funniess .. Inn Casee Yaas Forgott Everyy Sundee Wee Playy Yaas Sumthinn Funnyy Off Daa Radioo .. Firstt Off Wee Playedd Yass Summ Holdd Yaa Plumms Wiff Billy && Wally Butt Wee Havv Puree Runn Owtt Off Themm Soo Noww Wee Arr Playinn Yass Summ Snelly Phonee Scamms .. Tonyy Snell Ustaa Bee Onn Radioo Cityy Thenn Hee Movedd Too Radioo Merseysidee && Onn A Fridee Morninn Hee Ustaa Ringg Peoplee Upp && Scamm Themm .. Relativess Wudd Ringg Snelly && Givv Himm All Daa Infoo Thenn Hee Wudd Makee Upp A Scamm Too Hitt Emm Wiff .. Summ Off Themm Werr Soo Funny !!

Our Granny #4

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The bears have a Granny – a human one – who they are all very fond of, even though she treats them with disdain – and that is putting it mildly. Now Granny lives in a special Granny flat here at Jammy Toast which we made for her advancing years so she can have some company, if she so desires, while also keeping her own independence. Granny doesn’t like asking for help and continues to do some of the many day to day tasks which women her age find increasingly difficult. She also continues to drive despite pleading from family and friends. It is her driving and persistence in continuing to undertake daily tasks which seems to get her in deeper and deeper trouble – much to her bewilderment and our sniggering