Razzi Writes #23

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As everyone who reads Jammy Toast already knows, Elvis Presley is alive and well and leaves comments on our posts every so often. However, this week sees the fortieth anniversary of his death and so the national press is full of conspiracy theory stories asking did Elvis really leave the building in 1977. Ever since his death there have been dozens of theories about his lack of demise and rumours he simply went into hiding. Our friend Elvis doesn’t want people to know that he is still around but unfortunately the conspiracy theories refuse to die.

Razzi Writes #4

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Hello Everyone and a Happy New Year. I don’t know if I am coming or going lately with all these celebrities being arrested for kiddie-fiddling. I was watching Granada Reports the other evening when they did a feature of Ken Dodd. I love Ken Dodd he is one of the funniest and nicest men there has ever been. However, for one horrible moment when I saw he was on the telly my heart missed a beat because for a second I thought he might be the latest celebrity to be caught. Thankfully that wasn’t the case and all my memories of Ken Dodd are safe! The only problem is though, just how many more celebrities are sitting at home clenching their bum cheeks every time there is a knock on the door? It is beginning to ruin my childhood memories of some great celebrities who I grew up with because now, every time I think of someone I used to admire, I wonder if they were at it too!