Redneck Radio

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Mena Suvari is joining Sirius XM.

Mena Suvari tweeted a picture yesterday of her standing in front of a board displaying the logo for Sirius XM. She also included the news that she is going to be working with an old friend of hers on the radio station. This news and the picture brought memories flooding back of when we were on Holiday in Florida and we discovered Satellite Radio. This was back in the noughties and Satellite Radio was a new thing at the time. It meant that from the car we were driving around Florida we could listen to more or less any radio station in the USA. We tuned into Sirius XM which we immediately christened Redneck Radio. This was a spoof radio station from the Deep South pretending to feature real hillbilly rednecks – Chimpton and I thought it was hilarious, Ex-Wife did not!