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Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a great bank holiday weekend and apologies to Flat Eric for stealing his Sunday slot but I have some great news to depart – or at least I think it is great. For some time now, we have been struggling trying to decide what to do with all the old posts which made up Jammy Toast before the re-launch in 2015 – we started in 2006, so that is 9 years’ worth of Toast. First we tried to restore all the old posts but that was proving too disruptive and time-consuming for the Jammy Toast site and it would have taken many, many months to complete. We needed a better plan.

The Story Of Mick #2 – Revisited

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Now it came to pass, that the day for the visit to Disneyland finally arrived. Princess Chimpton, Queen Ananasty and Mick all met at Lime Street station and the journey to Paris began. Now if there is one thing that Princess Chimpton’s do not like it is travelling. By the time she had reached Paris she was well and truly travel sick and ready for bed. This left Mick all alone on his very first night in the romantic capital undertaking Queen babysitting and he wasn’t very pleased.

Old Toast Pictures

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Continuing our posts from the days of our original Blog, today we would like to feature some photographs. These photographs were posted under the category of Picture of The Day and were posted from time-to-time when we had nothing better to post. This was how it started out, however, some of the pictures we posted under this category were better than many of our posts – in fact, some of them were pure classics…