Rudolph Is A Liar

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Jammy Toast is in black and white with some red touches along the way. As many of you will be aware, this is because traditionally Renault Bears could only see in black and white but because our bears eat so much jammy toast their sight has developed so they can also detect the colour red. Now scientists from Exeter University have concluded that reindeers are also colour-blind and are unable to see red, orange or green. This puts to shame Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’s claims that he was bullied by other reindeer for having a red, shiny nose. There are other lies that the scientists have also uncovered…


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Afew people have been asking us recently why Jammy Toast only uses the colours black, white and red. The main reason for this is that Renault bears cannot see colours. Because I am deemed to be the brains of Jammy Toast, The Bearkeeper has asked me if I can try to explain to everyone just how we bears observe the world. The short answer to the question is that Renault bears are Monochromats. This is also known as “total colour blindness” and is a complete inability to distinguish between colours. However, because Renault Bears eat so much Jammy Toast we have also gained the ability to see red as well as black and white.