Jammy Toast For Dummies

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We always thought that Jammy Toast and the whole WordPress blogging platform – which Jammy Toast runs on – was pretty easy to use. You just read the posts, leave a comment, if you desire, and that was all she wrote. However, we hadn’t allowed for The Chimpton who finds the whole concept of replying to a comment just too much for her tiny pea-head to comprehend. With this in mind we thought we had better come up with a Jammy Toast for Dummies. I am sure you have seen the books in the shops where they try and explain to the mentally retarded how simple things work and hope that they pick it up. So here is the Special Chimpton Edition of Jammy Toast for Dummies

Everyone Is Welcome At Jammy Toast

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Yesterday we announced our new comment guidelines and some people have taken this totally the wrong way. We are not trying to stop people from visiting and taking part in all our Jammy Toast fun. What we are doing is trying to stop people posting rubbish into the comments on this site. All your favourite bears are still available to chat and joke with people online and they will still be on Facebook, Twitter and chatting on MSN. Let me say what we want clearly and in simple words so no one can misunderstand what we are after…

New Month, New Rules

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As we enter a new month we felt that it was time to make a few changes to the comments that we accept on the blog. Although things have moved a long way since the days when everyone used to hold a conversation on here, we have still not reached the point where we only have “relevant” or “related” comments. The idea of a blog is that it posts an article and people come along and comment on that article. It is slightly different on here because Jammy Toast is more like a bear-friends community than just a simple blog – but we do need some relevance.

Welcome To Jammy Toast

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Hello and welcome to Jammy Toast. We hope you found our new home without too many problems and, with any luck; this will be the last time we move for some time. It was really for reasons beyond our control that the move came about; but we would still like to apologise for the disruption this week. We have not sent out emails this time, we don’t want to be accused of spamming; instead we have set up re-directs from our old domains so that if you click on renaultbears.com or savetherenaultbears.com then you should be redirected to the new site here at Jammy Toast. This usually takes a few hours to propagate around the internet but it means everyone should end up here in the end.

Bear News #15

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Edward was up late last night with his little paintpot and came up with another alternative colour scheme for the blog. One or two of us are not too sure on whether he hasn’t over-done it slightly with the purple but we didn’t want to hurt his feelings. It does look very nice and refreshing just maybe it does look a little too much like an explosion in a paint factory. Let us know what you think or if you have any suggestions for a colour scheme for Edward to work on.