Ambrose Sells For £260

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Here at Jammy Toast we are not really fans of soap operas in general or Coronation Street in particular, these days. However, back in the day we used to watch it with the best of them. Back in the day when Hilda and Stan Ogden were on form backed up by Eddie Yates and Curly Watts – we loved it. So it was with interest today, that we saw the pinny, hair curlers and headscarf of Coronation Street legend Hilda Ogden being sold for £4,200 at auction.

Meerkat Polka Band

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Ladies and Gentlekats, it fill me with great pleasures to introduce the Meerkat Polka Band! After many days of practice we make musical debut as we perform theme tune from telebox show known as ‘The Corrie Street’. This is show from England feature many famous peoples like Kat Barlow and some very dodgy acting. We all decide to make this song for specials treat for our bear friends.