The Toilets Of The Wirral #3

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Today we are continuing our highly entertaining feature which I feel must go down as one of the most exhilarating series we have ever posted here on Jammy Toast. I think we had just better warn anyone who has a heart condition, or who is easily excitable, to just take this slowly and do not read/view this post all at once. Over-excitement could result if you consume this little post too quickly – I would also recommend sitting down. Now, as many of you know, Razzi and I teach people to drive around the Wirral and one of the draw-backs to this is when we need an emergency wee-wee. Public Toilets around the Wirral are very few and far between. So today, we are continuing our feature where we introduce you to the wonderful toiletry arrangements offered by the Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

Naked Men On Crosby Beach

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Razzi and I have been working out in Crosby today over in Liverpool. We have not worked out that way before and so we couldn’t help but go and take a look at the statues on Crosby Beach. So while we were on a lesson with Kate, we headed down towards the beach to see the statues for the first time.