Dogs Still Not Chipped

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X-Ray showing a Microchip in place.

Yesterday we posted the story of the dog who came back from war to live with his handler and I think everyone oohed and aahed over what a lovely, heart-wrenching story it was. So today, the first anniversary of compulsory microchipping for dogs, why are there so many dogs still unchipped? Hundreds of local dog owners are still breaking the law one year on from the introduction of the act. Figures released to mark today’s anniversary of the implementation of the scheme reveal 80,000 people in the North West are still flouting the rules.

New Resident At Dogs Trust

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We are great fans of the Dogs Trust here at Jammy Toast. We got our own dog, Rico, from there and still go there once a month to get his special diet food. We have nothing but praise for the organisation which really does treat dogs with compassion and kindness. However, they are just in the process of opening a new centre in Essex and we have a feeling that things are not going to run quite so smoothly. You see, they already have a resident before the centre even opens and she is nothing other than a CAT!

Latest Rico News

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As we told everyone last month, we have a new Hound of Jammy Toast these days with our new mate Rico. Rico is our German Shepherd who joined us last month from those wonderful people over at the Dog’s Trust. When he joined us he came with a condition called Pancreatitis, which basically means he has a very delicate stomach and has to keep to a low-fat diet to stay in the best of health. His last lot of blood tests showed that his blood enzyme levels were six times higher than they should be. So during the month he has been with us he has kept to his diet but has also had the stress of living in a kennels removed from his life and following more blood tests today we can reveal all his blood levels are now back to normal.


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Something has been missing around Jammy Toast for well over a year now. Back in October 2011 our beloved Bob, our German shepherd who loved us, looked after us and kept us safe in our beds passed away. She had not been well for a little while and although it was a blessing that she was not suffering it was still very distressing for us all that she had passed away. She had a great life and was never ill right until the end. We took a decision then not to get another dog because everyone gets too attached and upset when they eventually pass away. However, we have now met Rico.