Classic Toasts Retold #1

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Chimpton; the only person in the history of holidays to take an Umbrella to the Caribbean.

Ihave recently been helping Edward restore all the old Jammy Toast posts stretching back to 2006. While I have been doing this, I have also been laughing at some of the old posts and the antics we got up to back in the days of yore. However, while I was busy helping Edward, I came across a glaring omission from some of the old posts. Back in those days Chimpton was a little more forthcoming and many of the Classic Toast posts tell her side of the story and yet fail to allow me the chance to reply. So working under the auspices of better late than never, I have decided to start a new series of posts today, where I can relay my side of some of the Classic Toast stories

The Last Word On Nudist Beaches

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Last week we told of some of our holiday adventures where we had “accidentally” ended up on nudist beaches. I have put the word “accidentally” in quotes because a number of people have doubted that it was an accident. We have been accused of deliberately setting out to Perv at people with no clothes on – as if we would do that. So I thought I would come along today and put these people straight. While it is true that we have seen some very attractive people sunbathing topless on beaches around the world. The vast majority of people we have seen sunbathing naked on nudist beaches are a different matter altogether. Most of these people are either elderly, fat, ugly or burnt to a crisp. Before The Chimpton says anything, I include myself in all those categories.

The Story Of The Dominican Republic

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The other day my Dad told you the story of our holiday to Portugal, so I thought I would tell you the story of our holiday to the Dominican Republic – or at least, part of it. The particular day in question my Dad had gone out on an excursion on a yacht and, as I don’t do travelling on water too well, I had stayed behind on a very hot day sipping drinks around the pool. Now before long the heat was beginning to get the better of me and, although I don’t like cold water, I just had to have a little dip in the swimming pool. Who could blame me, the weather was absolutely baking!


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We have finally booked our Christmas holiday, we are off to Egypt over the holiday season and I’m sure I will have a few stories for you when I get back. So I was thinking about previous holidays and I decided I would share a story with you from one of our many holidays. You see we have been on a few over the years since Dad found me on that couch and every one of them has a story attached.