Aliens Attack Jammy Toast

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Last night Razzi and I were in Liverpool visiting a friend down by the river. It was quite a nice evening and as we looked back across the Mersey we could see the lights of Birkenhead shining brightly. Suddenly Razzi asked me what the clouds above the Wallasey and New Brighton area were. It was quite puzzling because they were too low to be clouds and yet didn’t seem quite right. Finally we realised that it was smoke rising from the ground. Just what was going on we were unsure of because the smoke was not rising from one isolated area as if a fire was burning but was climbing into the sky from multiple areas. What could be going on?

A Little Chimpton’s Wish

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Hello everyone. I see dad told you the news about his weight loss, he was to put it mildly a little GRRRRRRRRR at the loss this week (I did say I could go the toilet and loose that much which got me a nice slap!). So this week we had the queen join us, who we warned before entering NOT to ask where purple hair lady was NOT to ask why we call Claire Camel toe, guess what that lasted all of FIVE minutes. I got whispered to as soon as we sat down, wheres the purple lady? SHHHHHHHH, shes not here, then royal readers CamelClaire only walks in late, I then get nudged TRAY TRAY why do you skit her trousers whats a camel toe (SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH). Needless to say I had to hide the laughing as she would of only joined in ten times louder.