Eight-Year-Old Drives to Maccies

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Have you ever been sitting there late at night and suddenly you fancy a McDonald’s? That is exactly what happened to a four-year-old girl and so her eight-year-old brother drove her to the drive-thru using the family van. The boy swiped the keys and drove to the local McDonald’s with his sister riding shotgun. Patrolman Jake Koehler got the call on the radio last Sunday night of a child driving a vehicle. He pulled into the town’s only McDonald’s and found the boy still behind the wheel. His first question: What are you doing? “Me and my sister really wanted a cheeseburger,” the boy told Koehler.

Razzi Writes #12

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Hello everyone, Razzi here again hope you are all well. We had a complaint the other day concerning the lack of little old me here on Jammy Toast. Therefore, The Bearkeeper said I had to write another one of my columns for today. I have no idea what he wants me to write; doesn’t he realise that I need to wait for inspiration? However, the main thing on my mind at the moment is just how well Tranmere Rovers are doing. From there opening seven games they have won six and drawn one making them top of the National League with three points to spare.

Young Wirral Driver Jailed

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Iteach people to drive for a living. Many of the people I teach are young teenagers and I often think to myself that they are not aware of the dangers of driving a vehicle. Without proper thought and care a car can be a very dangerous weapon. However, youngster don’t go out to deliberately have accidents they do it because they are young and inexperienced. That is why I was particularly upset this week to read that a young woman motorist who crashed into a police motorcyclist on his way to work – leaving him in a permanent vegetative state – was jailed for 12 months.

Razzi Writes #2

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Davidd and I drive people around all week teaching them how to drive safely and on the whole they get it. They understand the dangers of speeding and they drive sensibly – most of the time. Their young years – in most cases – still mean they understand the consequences of driving irresponsibly. By the time they get their full driving licence they will have passed a theory test, a hazard perception test and the practical driving test. This is the most difficult route people have ever had to take to gain a driving licence and yet people are still getting killed on the roads.