Andreaa’s Funnies #21

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Hiya.. Its 12 o’clock && time for sum of me funnies.. In case yaas forgot, every Saturday we play yas sumthin funny.. First we played yaa sum Billy && Wally but we pure ran out of them.. Then we played yaas some Snelly Phone Scams.. Then we moved on to some of them FoneJackers.. We heard some Terry Tibbs and some George Agdgdgwngo and even Mr Doovda.. Now we are going to listen to some scouse comedians who are like dead funny..

Kings Of Comedy #1

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Today we are starting a new series of posts where we will share some of our favourite comedians and comedy routines with you. We love comedy here at Jammy Toast, be it from old masters or young pretenders. People like Peter Kay, Jeff Dunham, Sacha Baron Cohen, John Bishop and Jerry Sadowitz amongst the newer comedians with Ken Dodd, Mickey Finn and Eddie Flannigan amongst the older funny men. From time to time we will share some of our favourite comedians and today we thought we would start the ball rolling with…