Egginanoo’s Drawings #1

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Hello everyone, my name is Egginanoo Bear and I have not posted anything here on Jammy Toast for ages. I love art and usually do drawings and even have a gallery of my work here on Jammy Toast put just lately I seem to have been side-lined. I have said before that I think that the only reason I have my gallery is so they can post something on the days they can’t think of anything to write about. This has kind of backfired on me because they have been very busy posting things and there is no place for ‘writer’s block’ here at Jammy Toast – they are a very creative bunch.

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year and welcome to Jammy Toast. If you have been here before then welcome back but if you are a new visitor then make yourselves at home. Whoever you are, wherever you are from, we are always welcome here at Jammy Toast. If this is your first visit then let me introduce ourselves. Here at Jammy Toast we save bears who have been cast adrift into the hands of charity shops and car boot or eBay sales. All these bears need is a happy family home to make them feel loved and wanted – this is where we step in. Our job here at Jammy Toast is to save bears and provide them with a happy home where they can watch daytime telly and play on the internet.

Egginanoo Bear

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Hello everyone, my name is Egginanoo Bear and I have been selected to contribute to Jammy Toast. Edward has said I can have my own regular posts to feature my artwork. Personally, I think he just couldn’t be bothered finding anything to write about every day and so decided he needed a scape goat, but I am still pleased about it. I love drawing and it really was great when I used to draw for the old Jammy Toast when many people would say such nice things about my work. It does get difficult though, because once everyone compliments my drawings then I have to try even harder next time to produce even better drawings.