Europe Tries To Ban Jammy Toast

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Just when everyone is thinking of whether they should vote to leave or remain in the European Union (EU), then Brussels tries a sneaky attack on our Jammy Toast. They are contemplating making us wait for our Jammy Toast by banning Britain’s powerful toasters. Brussels is planning to push ahead with a crackdown on energy guzzling appliances including hairdryers, pressure washers, kettles but more importantly our toasters, to make Europe greener.

Einstein’s Column #1

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Hello everyone, my name is Einstein Bear and I am here to instigate a new column here on Jammy Toast. The idea of my column is that I will attempt to answer your questions on just about any subject. I am quite a smart bear and can usually answer the questions the other bears ask me. Because of this, they said I should start my own column just like Razzi and Edward. I am not as clever as Edward with computers or as good with the ladies as Razzi; I just seem to remember random things. I thought for my first column I would use it to introduce myself to you all so here goes…

Winter Solstice

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As many of you already know, Einstein Bear is the bear here at Jammy Toast who is the brains of the outfit. Edward is one clever bear but he is clever where it comes to technology, which he studied at university, whereas Einstein’s intelligence covers many subjects. However, today he astounded even us when he came out with something so profound that he had us all wondering. We were discussing next Tuesday, which happens to be the shortest day and the Winter Solstice, and how the mornings and evenings will start to get lighter. When Einstein stopped everyone in their tracks by pronouncing; “Not necessarily.”