Poor Elmo Found In Flaybrick Cemetery

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It is not very often that our local area even appears on the local news, let alone the national news. It is to our shame that we have now made the national news for animal cruelty after the RSPCA launched an appeal to find the owners of a dog found in Flaybrick cemetery with injuries so horrific he had to be put down. Ten-year-old Elmo was found in undergrowth at on Saturday afternoon. His injuries were extreme – every bone in his body had been broken at some time.

Thank You

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Hello everyone. My name is now Elmo Bear. I am the new Bear that everyone was trying to think of a name for and I have decided to be Elmo. I don’t have much to say except I just thought I would pop along and thank everyone who came up with a name for me. They were all really good but I decided to pick Elmo. I feel like a complete Bear now I have a name so thank you to everyone and a special thank you to Amethystangel for my special name.