Razzi Writes #62

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As everyone who reads Jammy Toast already knows, Elvis Presley is alive and well and leaves comments on our posts every so often. However, this week sees the fortieth anniversary of his death and so the national press is full of conspiracy theory stories asking did Elvis really leave the building in 1977. Ever since his death there have been dozens of theories about his lack of demise and rumours he simply went into hiding. Our friend Elvis doesn’t want people to know that he is still around but unfortunately the conspiracy theories refuse to die.

Famous Visitors #3

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From time to time here at Jammy Toast, we have some famous people come and visit and leave the odd comment on our posts. We seem to be very popular with celebrities and – coincidently – they always seem to be celebrities we have a particular fondness for. Famous Visitors, is a collection of posts explaining who these celebrities are and, where we can, telling how they came to discover Jammy Toast and the nature of the comments they leave behind. Today, we are featuring, the one and only…

Bear News #15

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Edward was up late last night with his little paintpot and came up with another alternative colour scheme for the blog. One or two of us are not too sure on whether he hasn’t over-done it slightly with the purple but we didn’t want to hurt his feelings. It does look very nice and refreshing just maybe it does look a little too much like an explosion in a paint factory. Let us know what you think or if you have any suggestions for a colour scheme for Edward to work on.