Time To Start Packing?

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The other day we reported that scientists had found what they think could be an Earth-like planet which could hold a second Jammy Toast Retirement Home. Well, today we can report that scientists are now reporting that the human race could indeed be doomed on this Earth because of the damage we are causing so maybe we better start packing ready to move to the second Earth. The report, led by the universities of Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley, said vertebrates were disappearing at a rate 114 times faster than normal. One of the new study’s authors said; “We are now entering the sixth great mass extinction event. The last such event was 65 million years ago, when dinosaurs were wiped out, in all likelihood by a large meteor hitting Earth. If it is allowed to continue, life would take many millions of years to recover and our species itself would likely disappear early on,” said the lead author, Gerardo Ceballos.