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Iswear to almighty God that we do not make these stories up but – believe it or not – Japan are worried that not enough of their people will be able to speak English when they host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games – so they are turning to Fawlty Towers. Yes, the classic BBC comedy series is being deployed by teachers in an attempt to give Japanese students an example of spoken English – rather than focusing on written language and grammar.

John Cleese Revives Basil Fawlty

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John Cleese has revived his famous hotelier Basil Fawlty but only for a TV advert, 36 years after Fawlty Towers closed its doors. Cleese has recreated the 1975 scene in which a frustrated Fawlty berates his broken down car before giving it a “damn good thrashing” with a branch from a nearby tree. Cleese agreed to rewrite the scene for Specsavers opticians as he thought it would be “genuinely funny”. The ad sees Fawlty lose his patience with a sat-nav and take out his anger on the wrong target – a police car.