Our Granny #3

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Sunday is always renowned for its Sunday dinner. All over the country people pop pieces of meat into their ovens and the family is slowly woken to the smell of sizzling joints of meat downstairs. A few hours later the family gathers around the table and enjoys a nice wholesome family meal. However, this is not so at Jammy Toast when Granny is in charge of the cooking!

Erik’s Column #5

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Hello everyone, my name is Erik, I am a teddy bear and this is my column. I was reading the paper yesterday when I read that in America more than forty percent of food is thrown out because it is passed its “use by”, “sell by” or “enjoy by” labels. I really think that is disgusting when we have half of the world starving to death and the west is throwing nearly half its food out. And you can bet if America are throwing all that food out then we will not be far behind them. I decided to have a search around the internet and see if food really is dangerous to eat after its label says so and the answer is… NO!