Today’s Sermon

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Today I thought we would share a story with you that we saw on Facebook recently. You know those annoying stories which people post that are usually made up and annoy most of the people who read them. Like us, I am sure you are fed up of reading some of those holier than thou posts and are now wondering why we would put one on Jammy Toast – let me tell you this one is different. It actually has a worthwhile message and puts a smile on your face right at the end. Forgive me if you have read it before, I just thought it contained a great message to share with you all…

I Need A Friend

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Hi everyone, you will not be used to me writing personal posts as I usually write the Musical Sunday column for Jammy Toast. Fortunately, The Bearkeeper let me use today’s post to make a little personal appeal because I am having a little quandary. You see, although I love being at Jammy Toast with Great Uncle Bimbo and all the Renault Bears, I do feel a little left out. Everyone makes me feel at home but I have no friends of my own kind. Everyone here is a Renault bear – I have no flat friends or maybe a little love interest in my life and I am beginning to get a little lonely.

Friends Return?

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Latest rumours suggest that the cast of the hit sitcom Friends are to reunite for a two-hour special, according to US broadcaster NBC. The actors behind Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross have all signed up for the special – a tribute to director James Burrows. Burrows helmed numerous episodes of the programme and has just celebrated directing his 1,000th TV programme. But NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt suggested the six Friends may not appear together.