Police Dog Is Sacked

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As most of you will know, we love German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) here at Jammy Toast and we have our own dog called Rico. So one story today made us laugh because a GSD Police Dog has been sacked from his job – only it is for the best possible reason. One-year-old Gavel is just too friendly to be in the force. The GSD pup just loves nothing better than rolling over and having his belly rubbed rather than standing to attention and looking menacing. The police dog-in-training failed to make the final cut for Queensland Police Service in Australia because of his overly-sociable temperament.

War Wounded Dog Awarded Medal

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Amilitary dog named Lucca who lost her leg on duty in Afghanistan has received a vet charity’s medal honouring the work of animals in war. Lucca, a 12-year-old German Shepherd, suffered serious injuries including the loss of a leg during a search for improvised explosive devices in 2012. Lucca led hundreds of patrols while on active duty in which no one was ever wounded. She received the medal at a ceremony at Wellington Barracks in central London after being especially flown in from America.

Is It Dangerous For Dogs To Fetch Sticks?

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German Shepherds don’t do things by half!

Ronan von Nordseesturm

The dog in the above picture is Ronan von Nordseesturm who was owned by Martin Borgman. Unfortunately Ronan passed away on Valentine’s Day 2017. His picture remains here as a lasting tribute to Ronan! R.I.P.

There is nothing Rico loves more than fetching a stick thrown for him but the president of the British Veterinary Association has warned dog owners they could cause their pets “horrific injuries” if they play fetch with sticks. Dog owners who enjoy throwing sticks for their pet in the park have been told to stop. Vets are concerned that this simple pastime can cause painful injuries ranging from tongue splinters to the piercing of vital organs. Sean Wensley, president of the British Veterinary Association, insists throwing sticks could be “potentially life-threatening”.