Lady Penelope Goes For £19,000

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Show creator Gerry Anderson pictured with Parker and Lady Penelope.

ALady Penelope puppet used in Gerry Anderson’s hit TV show Thunderbirds has sold for £19,000 at auction. The puppet was discovered at the bottom of a wardrobe wrapped in a blanket after a science-fiction memorabilia collector died. At its peak, the science-fiction series was attracting an audience of 100 million fans across 66 countries. Thunderbirds, which was first aired on TV screens in 1965, told the story of the Tracy family who formed a secret organisation – International Rescue – who were dedicated to saving human life.

Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds To Return

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If there is one disappointment we are still trying to get over here at Jammy Toast it is the new series of Thunderbirds, made using CGI. It is not a patch on the original series, you know the one where you could see the puppets’ strings but now we have some excellent news. Gerry Anderson’s original Thunderbirds are set to return to the site where they were originally created to mark the show’s 50th anniversary. Three new episodes, starring the show’s iconic puppets, including Lady Penelope and Parker, will be produced at Slough Trading Estate in Berkshire.

Whatever Happened To The Likely Programmes

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Iam the oldest bear here at Jammy Toast and have a reputation for being a grumpy old bear. I am not really grumpy but things are just not the same these days as they used to be and I am not usually slow at coming forward to complain about it. I can remember the days when we only had three channels to watch on the television and yet there always seemed to be something on worth watching. These days we have literally thousands of channels and there is very little worth watching. What happened to the days when I actually got excited when it was announced we were to get a fourth nation channel and even more excited when it was announced that the television was going to continue broadcasting after midnight.


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The first ever Official Gerry Anderson event from Anderson Entertainment is taking place in London this weekend. Andercon is a weekend dedicated to celebrating the worlds and characters created by the legendary television producer. The event is taking place at Park Inn in Heathrow today and tomorrow and gives fans the chance to experience the technical wizardry and creative ingenuity involved in creating Anderson’s ground-breaking puppet shows of the 1950′s and 60′s through stunning recreations of actual scale studio sets, alongside a stunning collection of actual props, models and costumes used in the making of his shows.

Thunderbirds Are Go, Again

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Our friend Gerry Anderson, who died in December, is to have his greatest creation remade for television. Thunderbirds is to be remade by the company behind films like The Hobbit, King Kong, Avatar and The Adventures of Tintin. The Weta Workshop is to co-produce the new show with New Zealand-based Pukeko Pictures. The original show was created by Gerry and his wife Sylvia and first broadcast in 1965. The remake is scheduled to be shown in 2015, fifty years after the original cult show first aired.

The Bear’s Review Of The Year

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As we get to the end of 2012 we thought it was worth taking a look back at some of the highlights and lowlights of the year. We will keep some great memories of the past year not least being the London hosting of the Olympic Games which were such a huge success. Like every year there will be some sad memories we will also have to keep. 2012 will be the year we remember the deaths of people like Neil Armstrong and Eric Sykes.

Gerry Anderson Tribute

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As a special tribute to Gerry Anderson, who died yesterday, Edward has been hard at work developing a special slider for Jammy Toast. We all felt we wanted to do something to mark the passing of a man who has entertained us with some of the most entertaining Science-Fiction television over the years. From the puppets of Fireball XL-5, Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds to the live action series UFO and Space: 1999; we have followed them all. This is our own small tribute to the man who brought us so many hours of escapism…