The Ghost Of James Street

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Here at Jammy Toast there is nothing we love more than a good old scary ghost story late at night. It makes all the bears pull the covers up over their little heads and none of them dare get out of bed for a wee-wee during the night! Tom Slemen, in particular, is one of our favourite ghost writers because he writes stories about Liverpool and the Wirral. So, we thought we would share one with you that we heard recently…

The Ghost Of Green Lane

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At the risk of sending Razzi back into hiding under his bed, we thought today we would tell you all a story we have heard recently regarding a ghost. The story revolves around Green Lane Railway Station which opened in 1886 and since then there have been umpteen stories of ghosts being seen in and around the station. One foggy evening in the early 1960s, the station was the scene of one such terrifying manifestation. It took place on a cold December night when the station was deserted except for one person waiting impatiently for a train.