The Story Of Gippy Grewal

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The real Rupinder Singh Grewal, more commonly known as Gippy Grewal.

For some time now I have taken the mick out of Chimpton by calling her Gippy Grewal. Poor Chimpton is the sickliest person I have ever known. It is usually self-inflicted because she never eats properly and when she does eat she eats crap. She is a vegan and you could be forgiven for thinking that vegans have a healthy diet. Well this vegan eats anything, unless it is produced by an animal. The only time I have ever seen her eat properly was during a holiday to Portugal about fifteen years ago when she took a liking to a local restaurant’s carrots and garlic served with bread and oils. She ate that much of the concoction that she had perfect 20/20 vision even in the dark and used to imagine seeing and hearing owls in the trees on the way back to our villa.