Razzi Writes #60

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Last night Davidd allowed us all to stay up late and watch Radiohead at Glastonbury. It was indeed late because they didn’t start their coverage until 10pm so it was going to be getting on for 1am before they finished. We are all great fans of Radiohead here at Jammy Toast and it has to be said they did not disappoint any of us. Captivating, inspiring and achingly stunning – Radiohead delivered a typically Radioheadesq sort of set for the festival’s opening night.

Why Is Glastonbury So Muddy?

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It’s the time of the year for music festivals to get underway and already the news is full of Glastonbury mud and scenes of fans trudging through the sludge. It is easy to feel smug while we sit here at a dry Jammy Toast looking through photos of people looking muddy to use to illustrate today’s post. However, let’s face it, this isn’t the first time – and it certainly won’t be the last – that Glastonbury turns a bit wet and wild. But why does it always look so much worse at Glastonbury than at any other UK festival?

Glastonbury Tor

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With the Glastonbury Festival about to start I thought it would be a good time to take a look at the history and myths concerning Glastonbury – none more so than Glastonbury Tor. The Tor is a hill at Glastonbury site at the top if which is situated the roofless St Michael’s Tower, a Grade I listed building. The whole site is managed by the National Trust, and has been designated a scheduled monument. The slopes of the hill are terraced, but the method by which they were formed remains unexplained. Artefacts from human visitation have been found, dating from the Iron Age to Roman eras.

The Who Close Glastonbury

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We all sat down last night here at Jammy Toast to be entertained by the latest of British talent on display at Glastonbury. Unfortunately none of them really lived up to it and it was left to a group who have been at it for fifty years. The Who stole the whole weekend with their display of timeless Brit-Rock. Closing Glastonbury 2015, Pete Townshend took to the stage alongside Roger Daltrey in full arm-swinging glory, brandishing his guitar with intent. He more than delivered with a two-hour set of vintage rock at its best that pleased a crowd made up of almost as many teen faces as those belonging to the over-40s.

Lightning Closes Glastonbury

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After we featured Glastonbury as our Picture of The Day yesterday we might have known we would put the mockers on the festival. Tonight thunder and lightning storms have seen the power pulled for safety reasons which has resulted in a halt to all performances on all stages. Dance collective Rudimental had been performing when their set was cut short after a lightning bolt hit the ground only a short distance away from the stage. The group came back on the Pyramid stage to take a bow and wave, but did not finish their set.