Renault Bear Documentary

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We were sitting around the breakfast table this morning, eating our Jammy Toast, when Razzi got up and headed for the front door. Razzi always hears the postman before anyone else so there was no surprise when he returned with an envelope in his hand. Straight away we knew it was something exciting because it was from the BBC. I opened the envelope and inside – to everyone’s surprise – was a letter from noted wildlife film maker Gordon Buchanan. Even more surprises were to follow because Gordon only wants to come and make a wildlife documentary called The Renault Bears of Jammy Toast. We were gobsmacked!

Gordon Buchanan Meets Wolves

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Wolves must make some of the most loved and hated carnivores in the animal kingdom, however, a leading wolf scientist says there is more to the impressive canines than might be imagined. While the impressive animals command respect in certain cultures, they are also known to attack people, sometimes fatally, and they will kill livestock throughout their range. According to Dr David Mech, a Senior Research Scientist with the US Geological Survey, who has been at the forefront of wolf research for over half a century, there are several things we may not know, or that we incorrectly assume, about grey wolves.

Gordon Meets His Match

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Gordon Buchanan, the cameraman who made the BBC documentary The Bear Family and Me, returns to our television screens tonight and nearly becomes lunch for a ravenous polar bear. The wildlife filmmaker comes face-to-face with a hungry 36-stone polar bear looking for a quick snack. The eight-foot predator spent 40 minutes trying to break a protective Perspex ice cube Gordon stood inside while shooting dramatic footage for his new TV mini-series. The adult female bear was hunting for food for herself and two young cubs.

Hope The Bear Dies

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Those of you who have watched the BBC documentary; The Bear Family and Me, will be distressed to hear that the Bear cub featured on the programme has been shot by hunters. The cub was born live on the internet via a webcam last year. During filming she was abandoned by her mother and had to fight to live on her own from only a few months of age. However, she was later reunited with her mother, Lily, when the presenter, Gordon Buchanan, stepped in and brought them back together.