Millions Tired Because Of Binge-Watching

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Millions of people in the UK – including here at Jammy Toast and over at The Chimpton’s – have skipped sleep or made themselves tired the next day because they were binge-watching TV, new research has suggested. More than half of British adults watch more than one episode of the same show back-to-back at least once a month. Of those, a third – almost 10 million – admit they have missed sleep or become tired as a result, while a quarter say they have neglected household chores. Media watchdog Ofcom did the research into what it called “Box Set Britain”.

Razzi Writes #53

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You will all know by now, if you have been following Jammy Toast for any length of time, that we love our tellybox and everything about it. If we were to move to live on a desert island then our Sky+ HD box would be the first thing that we would take with us. In fact, I think the Box Sets available on Sky is the best invention of the twenty-first century. We have watched many programmes on this including 24, Grey’s Anatomy, Hannibal, The Tunnel, The Following, Strike Back, Luther and our latest discovery Prey. They are all brilliant programmes and available to watch when we want to watch them and we can watch as many episodes at once as we wish – what more could a simple teddy bear ask for. However, there is just one downside to this – the length of some of the series compared to the number of hours in the day!