Wolves Helping Bears?

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The return of wolves to Yellowstone National Park could be leading to an improvement in the diet of the park’s grizzly bears. When the wolves were eradicated from Yellowstone in the early 20th Century, the elk population boomed resulting in devastation of berry-shrubs relied upon by the bears. Now a team from Oregon and Washington links the reintroduction of predatory wolves with a fall in over-browsing of the berries by the elk. There is a consequent recovery in the availability of late-summer berries, the favoured pre-hibernation food of the grizzly bear.

Bears’ Big Secret Revealed

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Here at Jammy Toast we are never surprised by anything to do with bears. They are one of the most recognisable and iconic families of animals. The eight living species include the Spectacled Bear, Sun Bear and Sloth Bears alongside the more familiar Polar Bear and Giant Panda. Young bears are born in protective dens as they are very small, blind and deaf. But they are not helpless for long, developing and gaining weight rapidly. And therein lies their secret. Their ability to put on weight so rapidly.