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Hello everyone, my name is Erik. I am a teddy bear and this is my column. I seem to have become the resident expert on money here at Jammy Toast as I have been writing a lot about paper money in my recent posts – but I want to change. I was thinking of something new to post about when I suddenly had a brainwave; I could interview celebrities in my column. I have no idea who I could interview but it would have to be people who everyone finds interesting and not just someone who is looking to get some publicity for their latest book/film/album.

Bear Paw Seal Of Approval #1

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Some of you may have noticed that some prestigious companies have “By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen” on their products and stationary. These companies are Royal Warrant Holders; they are “united by their commitment to the highest standards of service, quality and excellence”, to The Queen, Prince Phillip or Prince Charles. We thought it was about time The Bears gave out Bear Warrants to people and companies who supply excellent service and products to the bears here at Jammy Toast. We do not accept any form of advertising here at Jammy Toast but we do believe in acknowledging companies who have provided us with excellent services and so today we would like to recommend

No Horsemeat In Our Jammy Toast

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The bears have been reading all about the recent horsemeat scandal with growing alarm. First it was found in frozen meals, then it stretched to burgers and even today we have heard reports that IKEA have withdrawn their sausages, used in their hotdogs, because of a fear they may contain horsemeat. There is also news today that there are massive loopholes in the law which allows importers to sell low quality material to UK sausage makers. Following all these stories we have demanded reassurances from our supplier that our Jammy Toast is only made from the best ingredients.