You Can’t Beat British Food

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Last night I was feeling a little peckish and decided to raid the fridge for a little sustenance. I mean a man (or even a Lord) has to keep body and soul together when all is said and done. There in the fridge under some tin foil was some ham. A nice ham butty that will do and of course topped off with some mustard – Colman’s of Norwich Original English Mustard, you can’t beat it. Then this morning, you can’t start the day without a good old bacon butty. Needless to say, you can’t have a bacon butty unless it is topped off with some HP Sauce – the original Houses of Parliament Brown Sauce, of course. Both of these culinary delights are washed down with my newly discovered favourite brew – Twinings Everyday Tea (thanks Costa for the heads up). Some of my best loved treats; HP sauce, Twinings tea and Colman’s Mustard are about as British as Buckingham Palace… or so I thought.