Our Granny #11

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The other day it was pouring down with rain and Granny was looking anxious. I asked her what was wrong and she said she had to visit Lidl, Iceland and Asda and she was going to get soaked. I offered my assistance in running her around to get her bits and pieces of shopping but she would hear none of it. I thought to myself, well at least I have offered and she has turned me down, I shall go and watch Jezza instead. Twenty minutes later she was there; “You couldn’t run me to the shops could you, seeing as you’re doing nothing?” I replied that I was doing nothing twenty minutes earlier when I first offered to take her. “No you didn’t,” she replied – a normal conversation these days.

The Elves Beneath The Rocks

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Each day at Jammy Toast one of us writes a post for the entertainment of our friends and readers or to pass on helpful information. The subject matter of that article usually has some kind of twist in it which is either in connection with teddy bears, wild bears or is amusing and/or weird. So when we heard that construction on a road being built in Iceland had been stopped, we had to confess it was of no interest to anyone here at Jammy Toast. However, when we heard that the construction had been stopped because it was disturbing elves who live in its path then our ears pricked up. We had to find out more about this so as Erik is the only one who has a warm hat to keep him warm, we decided to send him off to Iceland as our roaming reporter to investigate…