The Last Goulash

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Last month, we told you of our discovery of the sad, untimely death of Ivo Pešák – the king of Dad Dancing from the Ivan Mládek Banjo Band. The guy became an internet phenomenon in the noughties when his dancing on the Ivan Mládek song Jožin z Bažin was discovered. The song was about a bog monster which had the unfortunate effect of scaring Razzi so much. Ivan, the leader of the Banjo Band which Ivo played with, said that the death of his band mate had come as a great loss. Now, however, we are pleased to announce we have discovered another music video starring Ivo with the other band he was in, The DýzaBoys, called “Poslední Guláš” or – for us philistines – The Last Goulash.

Jammy Toast Goes Into Mourning

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Today the whole of Jammy Toast has gone into mourning after our friend Tim broke the news that Ivo Pešák has died. Ivo was a Czech singer, dancer, and comic performer. He is perhaps best known for his work with Ivan Mládek’s Banjo Band, and particularly for his high-spirited performance in the viral video phenomenon, featured on Jammy Toast yesterday, Jožin Z Bažin. Ivo was born at Jaroměř, then in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. He was a member of the rock ‘n’ roll revival band known as the Rockec Ivo Pesaka. He died in Prague from complications following a heart bypass surgery in 2011, he was 66. In Ivo’s later years, he was in a duo named Dýza Boys.