Pigeon Karma

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words in which case we haven’t really got much left to say about today’s post. We just think that this is perfect karma for our friend Mr Jon Pigeon. He thinks it is perfectly acceptable to fly around taking a dump on people so when we saw this photograph floating around Twitter yesterday we just had to share it with you all. We have no idea how the crap came to be on the pigeon’s back but it really looks like the tide has turned… or maybe bears have taken up flying?

Jon Pigeon

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Pigeons are the scourge of councils all around the country. They shit on old buildings and spread diseases around the country. They like to live under bridges and for some reason we never seem to catch sight of their young. However, they are smart enough to know how to use humans to supply them with food and keep starvation at bay. They may not be the smartest animal on our planet but, as some of you may have noticed, one pigeon has managed to acquire and utilise a laptop. His name is Jon Pigeon.