The Angry Andreaa Show #37

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Do you fancy a bit of banter?? Remember that smackhead woman I ran out of our shop the other week because shes barred for shoplifting?? Well… the other day I finished work at 2pm cos I was on an early && was walking to me car && there she was.. So she snarls me && I was on me phone so I snarled her back.. So she waited til she got round the corner && started shouting shit at me.. So I started screaming at her && told her to get back to me && id wipe the floor with her && called her a dirty little crackhead.. I havent had a proper fight since I was in school with Lorah so I was thinkin this is going to kick off here but she legged it.. It was funny but I was fumin, cheeky little slag!!

The Story Of Mick #2 – Revisited

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Now it came to pass, that the day for the visit to Disneyland finally arrived. Princess Chimpton, Queen Ananasty and Mick all met at Lime Street station and the journey to Paris began. Now if there is one thing that Princess Chimpton’s do not like it is travelling. By the time she had reached Paris she was well and truly travel sick and ready for bed. This left Mick all alone on his very first night in the romantic capital undertaking Queen babysitting and he wasn’t very pleased.

The Story Of Mick #1 – Revisited

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Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away when Princess Chimpton and Servant Dave worked together for a lowly training company there was a man by the name of Mick. Now Mick was a jovial chap, a happy-go-lucky kind of guy without a care in the world and he also worked at the training company with the gruesome twosome.

We Need More Flats

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Davidd has let me use today’s post to make a little personal appeal because I am having a little quandary. You see, although I love being at Jammy Toast with my other Flat Friend, Great Uncle Bimbo and all the Renault Bears, I do feel a little left out. Everyone makes me feel at home but I only have one friend of my own kind. Everyone here is a Renault bear – I would really like more flat friends or maybe a little love interest in my life as I am beginning to get a little lonely.

Spinny Head

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Today my head is a little fuzzy. I slept crap lastnight, I couldn’t stop my head from racing. I read a friends blog and it has played like a 12inch on repeat in my head — thanks Spanks. I have thought constantly about my life and what I have in it. Maybe I should just stop thinking my life away, but jez its hard. I don’t know what I want, but I know at the moment its not that good, I’m not wanting a pretty woman scenario, but I think my life is lacking a little romance. Hey come on, we all want a little romance once in a while — no laughing.

Razzi Feels Neglected

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For some time now Razzi has felt a little like second best in Linzi’s life. There have been a few occasions when Razzi has just been forgotten and neglected by the love of his life. Yesterday, Linzi actually took Razzi into McDonald’s with her for the first time in a long while. Once upon a time she used to take him everywhere and the two of them would never be parted — not any more.

Razzi & Linzi Canoodling In Maccies

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Today was kiss and make-up time for Linzi and Razzi. Linzi realised over-night what she was jeopardising by acting all cool and uncaring towards Razzi. After seeing that Razzi can turn any girls head, she soon changed her mind. Today she was begging forgiveness and swearing undying love for the Bear in her Heart! I did overhear the two of them making plans for Valentines Day!