Lucozade Sales Fizzle Out

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The current craze for reducing sugar in fizzy drinks is starting to hit manufacturer’s right in the pocket. Here at Jammy Toast we enjoy our sugar rush and if we want to cut down on sugar then surely the best idea is to cut down on the amount you drink – not remove the sugar and destroy the taste. Now, sales of Lucozade Energy drinks have fizzled out after its makers changed the drink’s recipe, a new report reveals. Lucozade has lost sales of more than £25million in the past year after the maker’s decision to reduce the amount of sugar, sparking complaints from consumers about the change in the traditional taste.

Jammy Toast Turns Its Back On Coca-Cola

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Once upon a time, here at Jammy Toast, we used to be in love with Coke and Pepsi. We used to get through large quantities of the secret recipe every week loving the taste of the world’s favourite drink. Now it appears we are following the British trend of falling out of love with Coke and Pepsi and instead we’re pouring energy drinks down our necks. “It used to be you’d see people on the bus drinking a can of coke, now they’ve got an energy drink,” says Olly Wehring, editor of the industry’s magazine Just Drinks. And the numbers seem to back him up – recent years have seen a huge surge in the popularity of energy drinks and it’s mostly at the expense of more traditional cola drinks.