Metro The Horse

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Self-Portrait by Metro & Ron.

Yesterday in his column, Razzi mentioned a horse called Metro who paints pictures to keep his depression at bay. Metro used to be a prize-winning racehorse who was retired from the track following painful knee injuries. He couldn’t settle to life after racing and it looked as though his ill health would soon mean the end for Metro. Then his owner, Ron, had an unusual idea. They say that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. So when Ron Krajewski first introduced his horse, Metro, to an easel there was no guarantee he would paint. After all, this horse had been struggling with health problems since he was adopted by Ron and his wife in 2009.

Razzi Writes #58

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So we now have a second blog called Classic Toast and I would just like to say thank the heavens for that. For some time now I have been after Edward to build me a new page featuring some of my less-than-fully-clothed friends – as I mentioned in my last column. However, everyone has been too busy to help me with my new project because they have been too busy with Old Toast and Classic Toast, or whatever they are calling it today. All I want to know is, when are you getting round to sorting out my Prawn Porn Toast?