Our Granny #12

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Granny was annoyed the other day to discover that her mobile phone bill had risen from £13 per month to nearly £17, with no notice what-so-ever. Although, if truth be told, just why Granny has a mobile phone is beyond me because it never leaves the house. Many a time, I will ring her and get no answer and she later tells me that she was out. “Where the hell was your phone?” I ask innocently, only to be told it was sitting on the kitchen table – it’s normal home. I am sure it would prove so much cheaper to just use the house phone!

Let’s Pause For Thought

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Most of us walk around from day to day with a mobile phone in our pockets and we never really give it a second thought. If it rings we answer it and if someone texts then we reply to them. That is perhaps the total amount of thought we give to our phones. However, in reality, the total amount of computing power in our mobiles is more than it took to put a man on the moon – or so I have been told. Well, believe it or not, Razzi and I wrote this sitting in Sefton Park in Liverpool on a copy of Microsoft Word for Windows Phone. Once we had finished typing this in we saved it and a copy of it is uploaded to the cloud. Then, when we got back home, we loaded Microsoft Word on our computer and there it is saved ready for us to proof-read and post it.