Lestly In The Hizzouse #8

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As most of you probably know from the bits and pieces that have past backwards and forwards on Jammy Toast, I live in New York. I live in a three-bedroomed apartment with my best friend in this whole world, Natalie. Similar to the way Silent Bob refers to Jay, she is my asexual life-mate. We have known each other for more years than I would care to remember and during that time we have had rows and fallings out but we always come round and one or both of us will apologies for our behaviour afterwards. We have never been romantically attached, I love her like I would love a sister. We take each other for granted, sometimes when we possibly shouldn’t but what friends don’t? Then five years ago she came and told me she was going to die.

The Girl On The Blue Ikea Couch #2

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Chimpton doing some work? Alas no, ringing one of her friends.

So, after a while everything at the Training Company settled down into a routine. I carried on looking after the clients while Chimpton continued to monitor the clients either in or out of the centre. We played jokes on each other along the way and got to know each other quite well. Chimpton – slowly but surely – came to understand why I had told her not to come to work for the training company in the first place.

Princess Natalie And The Lighthouse

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Now it came to pass that there was another Princess working with Servant Dave and Princess Chimptonbell and her name was Princess Natalie. Princess Natalie worked at the training company with the troublesome duo as a Recruiter and it was part of her job to visit clients on their work placements and check that they were happy and everything in the garden was rosie.