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This week, we told you the story of Tony Ashton including his collaboration with Ian Paice and Jon Lord in the group Paice Ashton Lord. Our friend Ray, stated he remembered watching Paice Ashton Lord (PAL) live in concert on the BBC and we hinted that we just might post it for him. The funny thing with Tony Ashton is that many people just don’t get him. A couple of you called him a Pub-Rocker or Mr Cabaret which I will not argue with but don’t you think that was his attraction – just like with Ian Dury. Tony Ashton wasn’t a singer full of natural talent but he was a singer full of soul.

Tony Ashton

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Here at Jammy Toast we tend to hero worship the more eccentric of people. The more peculiar the person the more we are likely to admire them. This is particularly true of Tony Ashton. “Who is Tony Ashton?” I hear you all shouting. Well Edward Anthony “Tony” Ashton was a rock pianist, keyboardist, singer, song-writer, producer and artist. He was born in Blackburn, Lancashire on 1st March 1946 and spent his formative years in the seaside town of Blackpool where his parents had an upright piano. When he was a child, his mother sent him for piano lessons which was the starting point of his career as a musician.