Our Granny #14

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People of a nervous disposition should consider long and hard before reading this post. It features examples of a critically out of control Granny and the damage she has caused this month. Jammy Toast cannot be held responsible for any resultant damage from reading this post.

Each month we tell you of the havoc our Granny has wreaked on the world around her – well this month she has surpassed herself. Granny has single-handedly brought Tesco, Halifax, eBay and PayPal to their knees. Granny has a lot of grief remembering passwords and so it all started when she tried to login to her Halifax account. It would not allow her to access her account saying that her username and password were incorrect. Granny was beside herself thinking she might have been hacked or someone might have been using her password to gain entry – the state of Granny’s passwords this would not be very difficult. She contacted Halifax to tell them she thinks her account might have been compromised and they did what all banks and building societies do under those circumstances, they suspended the account.

Edward’s Column #22

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Hello everyone and welcome to my monthly technology column. Some of you may have heard on the news about hackers breaking into the Adobe servers and stealing usernames, passwords and email addresses along with credit card details. This was bad enough but one thing stood out even more and really shows how stupid people can be when it comes to online passwords. We all know that passwords need to be difficult to guess and be a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. The longer and more complex you make a password the harder it is for someone to guess or hack using brute force methods. So, bearing that in mind, guess what the most common password was from the millions of Adobe users… give up? Would you believe it was “123456”?

Keep Your Passwords Safe

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Yesterday Davidd told us how hackers were trying to gain access to WordPress installations around the world. With this in mind he has asked me to write today’s post offering some advice on keeping your online passwords safe and secure. It is difficult to make a password that is easy to remember and yet difficult for anyone else to guess. To make things even more difficult, you should make sure all your passwords are different. Imagine if someone guessed your password and could gain access to your Facebook account for example. That in itself is bad enough but if you have used the same password for everything else they are then into your bank account, eBay account and maybe even your PayPal account where they can spend money you may not have. So how do we keep our passwords easy to remember and yet difficult for others to break.