Bears’ Big Secret Revealed

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Here at Jammy Toast we are never surprised by anything to do with bears. They are one of the most recognisable and iconic families of animals. The eight living species include the Spectacled Bear, Sun Bear and Sloth Bears alongside the more familiar Polar Bear and Giant Panda. Young bears are born in protective dens as they are very small, blind and deaf. But they are not helpless for long, developing and gaining weight rapidly. And therein lies their secret. Their ability to put on weight so rapidly.

Will Polar Bears Really Become Extinct?

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It’s summer and the time of year when you don’t really turn your mind to the sleepy town of Churchill, Manitoba, on the western shore of Hudson Bay in Canada, which during the winter is polar bear central. Hundreds of polar bears, lean but lethargic – their last full meal eaten in the late spring – pass the hours wandering around aimlessly, mock fighting, or simply lying belly-up catching the dim rays of the Arctic gloaming. They are waiting until the ice freezes over and they can go and hunt seals in the winter. Outnumbering them are the tourists who’ve flown in from around the world to get a unique “up close and personal” view of one of the Arctic’s most iconic species.