The Milk Carton Kids

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We had a great Christmas day yesterday, eating turkey and scoffing sweets and of course the bears eating their Jammy Toast – just generally having a great festive time. I even spent half-an-hour trying to get a whistle from a cracker to make a whistling noise before eventually realising it was a sellotape dispenser. Much to the amusement of everyone. In fact, a good time was had by all and even though we learned that George Michael had died later in the day, even that didn’t ruin the high spirits. However, this morning we heard the sad story of the Milk Carton Kids mystery…

Finn’s Law Wins Parliament Debate

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We received an e-mail the other day from the UK Government. Here at Jammy Toast we are not usually in the habit of receiving messages from the government but this e-mail was concerning Finn the Police Dog. We signed the online petition calling for police animals to be given the same status as officers if they are injured at work and the e-mail was to tell us that this will now be debated in Parliament. The Finn’s Law campaign is named after the Hertfordshire police dog who, along with his handler, was stabbed in Stevenage while chasing a suspect. Finn’s Law wants people who attack police animals to face charges similar to those for attacking a person. It will now be debated on 14th November after topping 100,000 signatures in a month.

How Do Police Deal With Animals On The Roads

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We have to admit to being animal lovers here at Jammy Toast but even we can see the justification in the case of the police deliberately running over a dog loose on the A55 in North Wales. The police say they had “no alternative” way to minimise the risk for motorists. A car and a lorry had to swerve to avoid hitting the Foxhound and one officer was bitten as he tried to catch it, according to police. In the end, they decided to kill it, by running it over at a fast enough speed to ensure it “would not suffer”.

Police Alert For Garden Gnome

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The Police are often accused of not have a sense of humour but for once they have surpassed themselves today after receiving reports from members of the public of a man carrying a “small child” on the M60 Motorway near Manchester. It turns out the man was actually carrying a Garden Gnome. Concerned drivers contacted police after the man was spotted near junction two of the motorway in Greater Manchester. He was later arrested on suspicion of a public order offence.