Monaco Bear

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For some time now, Razzi has been asking if we could get him a Steiff Bear as a little companion. Although he already has Pookie, I thought it might be a good idea. Because of the history of the Steiff Company, to bring one of their bears to join us here at Jammy Toast would be fantastic. After searching for a while, we discovered that the most expensive Steiff Bear ever sold was a Steiff Monaco Bear which sold for £130,190. It was dressed by Louis Vuitton and sold at a charity auction in Monaco. Razzi said he had to have one of those!

Pookie Bear

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Ithought today that we would look at a certain Bear who never gets much of a mention here on Jammy Toast but who is very important to one of our Bears. As most of you already know, Razzi is a working bears who spends a great deal of his time helping people learn to drive. His official title is Special Learner Driver Bear Advisor. Although this is a very responsible job for a Bear, he does sometimes get rather bored sitting, as he does, in the back seat of the car. So, a few years ago now, Razzi got himself a little friend. In fact, his little friend was won for him at New Brighton Fair by his friend Linzi.