Age Checks For Bear Porn

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Razzi will have to prove he is old enough to visit bear-porn sites as part of a number of measures announced in the Queen’s Speech. As part of its Digital Economy Bill, the government promises more protection for children and young bears online. It also pledged more protection for consumers from spam email and nuisance calls, by ensuring direct consent is obtained for direct marketing. And it reiterated its plans for driverless cars to be tested in the UK.

Razzi Writes – Porn Special

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The world is going mad at the moment over porn. TalkTalk says their customers are going to opt out of their “safety system” if they wish to continue viewing adult material online. Sky announced last week that they were going to activate filters for “inappropriate” content by default while BT and Virgin are yet to reveal their proposals for automatic filters. What annoys me the most is; who is going to decide what “inappropriate” content is for me? I am a fully grown bear and I can decide for myself if I want to block any content be it adult or not!