Picture Of The Day #110

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We would like to thank Radio City Talk’s Pete Price for this picture taken from the top of the Radio City Tower over in Liverpool. It was taken during his talk-show on the radio station last night and we thought we would reproduce it here just to show you the kind of view you get from the top of the tower. It has been many years since I was up the tower, back in the days when it was a revolving restaurant. Thanks Pete!

Bimbo’s Musical Sunday

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Usually on Sunday’s, Flat Eric picks some music to feature on our website but seeing as how tomorrow is a very important day here at Jammy Toast, I thought I would sabotage the musical choice. In fact, I am here to tell you a musical based story from mine and Davidd’s past. Way back in the 1970s, Davidd used to travel over to Liverpool on Saturdays and meet some friends over there in the Kardomah Café. He would have a coffee and then wander around Liverpool doing the things typical teenagers do. Probe Records was a popular hangout at the time from which he would bring home records he bought.

The Edmund Fitzgerald

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When I was in my final year of high school, I used to listen to a new commercial radio station from Liverpool called Radio City, the year was 1976. Every Sunday night I used to listen to an Irish DJ named Arthur Murphy; and in particular between midnight and 1am used to listen in bed to the peaceful hour. This is where I first heard the story of the Edmund Fitzgerald.